Can't take it anymore. Need a squad.

Sick and tired of random players. Looking for players at least in their 20s who play to win. Level 31.

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Hello Chilluminate,

The H2O Clan is the male side to the PMS Clan and the Halo Division is currently looking for both Social and Competitive Gamers. The age of the members in the division range between 19-35.

We are advocates of professionalism and sportsmanship of the highest caliber. When you begin your time as an H2O Recruit, you should be doing your best to represent yourself positively in the overall gaming community. We as H2Os do not only represent ourselves, but an entire community every time we turn on the Xbox and get on Live, thus we are very strict when it comes to following the rules. A summary of our behavior expectations can be found here:

Basic Rules:

  1. First and foremost: we are here to support female gamers in general, with the PMS girls being our main focus. They are our sister clan and need to be treated with Love and Respect. Without them the H2O clan would not exist today. We are to conduct ourselves this way in and out of games and on the forums at all times.
  2. No cheating of any kind whatsoever.
  3. Respect everyone.
  4. No trash talking.
  5. If you simply don’t want someone in your party please ask them 3 times. If they do not leave you have permission to boot them.
  6. NEVER, and we mean NEVER, use the word R 4 P E or anything that insinuates the same thing. We will not condone anything that is demeaning to women. If you disobey this rule, you will be removed from recruitment. This is your only warning. Learn to live by it.
  7. We do not tolerate any racial slurs, racist comments, You will be removed immediately.
  8. Do not make an H2O tag until you complete recruitment.
  10. Communication: Essential. Please make sure you’re calling out in practice and (when out of practice) please talk to your current members. Communicate with us. If you have any questions or problems, talk to us.
    It is an meant to be an HONOR to be chosen as a member of this clan. We expect that you treat your time here as such. Any breaking of the rules will not go unseen and will be handled with all due seriousness.

With that being said we have one final rule for you…HAVE FUN! We realize we may have a lot of rules we ask you to follow, but these have been created to make being a part of this clan a safe and fun environment for all. Our objective is to be different than the typical negative individuals one encounters on Xbox Live, so we expect our members to embody everything positive that one wishes to see on Xbox Live.

During the recruitment process, you will have to make a minimum of (4) hours for (4) Weeks. Each practice is two hours, so it will be pretty easy to become a member.

The following link will be to the PMS and H2O handbook. It will contain everything you would need to know for the recruitment process.

For further inquires please feel free to message H2O Callisto, Sonico H2O, or myself (H2O Baby Dragon) on Xbox live or here
My Clan History: (Since August 2010)

H2O Halo
H2O Call of Duty
PMS l H2O Gotham City Impostor (I was the Practice Manager)
PMS l H2O Battlefield
H2O Halo (Practice Manager)

I’ve enjoyed every moment of being in this clan and I hope you will decide to join.