Cant switch loadouts glitch!

I’ve experienced a glitch where you can’t choose load outs at the beginning of a match and you can’t switch load puts during the match. Quitting and joining another match doesn’t help.

Only restarting your box fixes the issue. This happened to me about 7 times already. Anybody else having this problem?

Yes, and my solution was the same as yours. It’s frustrating to encounter but I’m confident 343i is working to address the issue. It doesn’t seem to be an uncommon bug, unfortunately.

All day yesterday. It would come and go. Rather annoying for sure. I could not change to my vehicle destroying loadout and got pummeled by the enemy vehicles.

Only Problem i have wit my Loadouts is that sometimes is resets and all the saved setting i put in my loadouts will be erased and i have to re-input all my weapons and perks/ abilities. Gets annoying. :smiley: