Can't Start Halo 3 Campaign

I haven’t been able to play the Halo 3 campaign at all, every time I try to start the game it ends up stuck at the loading loading screen for the Arrival mission. The loading wheel keeps spinning but the progress bar doesn’t fill at all. The longest I’ve tried waiting was 20 minutes before I gave up and quit the game.

This is absurd 343, half the time I can’t play multiplayer and now the singleplayer component doesn’t even work.

I am having this same issue!

I’m having the same issue, Halo 3’s mission wouldn’t load.

It seems that I can’t play halo 3 and I have no idea why and there on my screen is a black line and I don’t know why it’s there and I am confused it won’t let me play any of the campaign or halo 3 multiplayer and I don’t know why if some one can tell me or others how to fix this issues it would be greatly appreciated

Saw that some on Reddit where having the same issue. The obvious fixes of restarting the game/console have done nothing. A Redditor tried reinstalling the game and that has not worked either. Guess we have to wait on 343 for a content fix?

I am also having the same issue. I sympathize with the multilayer woes and have never complained about the matchmaking not working. Creating online content across so many games to work seamlessly is difficult.

Offline campaign content is a totally different matter. This is completely unacceptable that I can buy a disk and one of the campaigns doesn’t work. Its just content on the disk, why would that ever stop working???

343 please fix!!!

It’s still not working… Wth?? Fix your stuff 343!!! I don’t want “I’m sorry” gifts from you… I want to play the flippin’ game I purchased!