Can't start forge

Every time I try to edit my forge maps I get this message that says “User content is unavailable” or something like that ad than it doesn’t let me start the match. Can anybody help me out with this because I am getting really annoyed. Also this happens with custom games sometimes.

Just a note to say your not the only one with this. I have no solution, but myself, son & couple of his friends all getting the same problem. We’re unable to enter/edit a game we set up!?!
This seemed to start after the update???
Wonder if it’s linked?

I was able to edit/enter a game once I signed out of xbox live. I thought there was just something wrong with my privacy settings but the update may have caused something to happen also…

i never got this problem but my two brothers did. Then me and one brother forged a original map and he suddenly was able too. but that isnt the case for my other brother. still tryin to figure it out myself lol

Maybe the file is corrupted or BUNGIE updated it so that it can’t read what you made. This happened to me but I disconnected from Xbox Live, then I saved it and updated it from there, then it seemed to work again.