Can't spawn in custom games

So none of my bookmarked maps work, I tried several versions of the octagon map and a few different game types that I use to warm up and either it never spawns us in the game to start or it will spawn us in the game but will not allow anyone to re-spawn. I have used these maps hundreds of times without issue, why is it does it seem like every time a problem is solved with a patch, two more problems come up? It just seems like basic stuff is always needing fixed, I regretted buying mcc because I tried to play it at launch and by the time it was half way working where people could most of the time join parties and hear each other halo 5 was coming out, these last two games have been a struggle from the start, they both play well when they work the problem is a lot of the time they just don’t work.

I am expirencing the same issues and hope 343 fixes it.