Can't Skip Credits?

I’ve beaten the game twice now and both times I am presented with the option to skip the credits but it never works when I hit F to skip. I then have to sit through 25 minutes of credits to watch the post credits scene. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Seems to be working fine on Console, allowed me to skip it when I did my under 8 hour run.

Well at least that’s good news.
Anyone on Windows 10 (steam) having this issue?

same for me… stuck in the endless credit role…
Please fix this.

Same for me in on pc (windows 10) and when I press space it says F to skip but when I press f nothing happens, tried holding it still nothing. Its not bad, its just really really annoying.

@proADDY mine is not endless but the credits are very long.
I just have to wait it out until they have rolled. Very annoying when you have completed the game several times and you just want to jump into MP.

I have reported the bug, so I do believe if you can please report it as a bug.

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I beat the Game on Legendary, got the achievements, sat through the 1st Cutscene, Sat through the Credits, the Post-credit scene didn’t load, I never got to see it!!! and I had to replay the Boss battle again. And the same thing happened. It’s stuck on the last save point/checkpoint… The game is good, but these bugs are a serious issue.

I play on PC and it allowed me to skip the credits but I was using a controller rather than keyboard and mouse so don’t know if that has any impact.

You have to press space bar and then it will let you press F. Idk why but I just figured it out on accident.

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Personally I enjoyed swearing at a scrolling list of names for 25 minutes for their incompetence…I saved some special words for the multiplayer audio teams.

I’m having an issue where when I go to skip the credits, it just restarts the fight with the harbinger again, is there any way to fix?