Can't Set Game Type Labels in Forge, Please Help!

I’ve spent over 10 hours creating a map geared towards Capture The Flag; putting down both Flag stands, capture plates, setting them to attacker/defender, etc. The one thing I can’t seem to do is set the Game Type Label! (So I can’t make them work for capture the flag)

I’ve branched out to now trying this on different maps. Hill markers, capture plates, flag stands, etc, all don’t appear to be able to be labeled for game types. Even more odd is when I go into a map that already has this stuff setup, say Ragnarok for example. All those items do have those game types set to them, but you can’t cycle them to anything else. You can’t even create new ones in those maps.

Why in the world offer the ability to set all this stuff up if you can’t set the game labels to make it work? So very confused and a bit frustrated. I hope it’s me and I’m doing something wrong. I thank you for your time in reading this and look forward to any help!

In forge lobby (before the game starts) set the game type from basic forge to capture the flag. Any variant for CTF will do. This also applied to other game modes and their objectives.

(This is obviously late, but I figured it’s still helpful.)

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