Can't seem to join matchmaking

Currently it shows on my screen “At least one player in your fireteam is not permitted to play Xbox Live multiplayer games.”

I got a feeling it was because of a previous warzone game where i had to turn off my xbox because my screen was black however the game was running.
Currently it has happened before and i have no way of solving this blacking of screen issue. I could hear people killing my player however i could not even quit the game and thus makes it vv frustrating.

Are you experiencing this in any other games besides Halo 5?

If it was a temporary ban you would get a pop-up notifying such action being enforced.

Have you tried a hard reset of your Xbox. That usually fixed any issues I have.

I just started having this same issue. I was able to connect to a custom game once. Now for me, I did just move into a new house and unfortunately had the only option of satellite Internet. But I still get 11Mbs and 0% packet loss. What was you latency at? I was able to get online with fallout 76. NAT is open, hard boot didn’t work. Idk what else to check… :frowning: