Cant see service record since gamertag change

Hi. I’ve been a bungie member since 2010, now as im aware, halo waypoint has taken over monitoring halo scores etc. Now before i changed my gamertag, i could go to bungie’s site still, see my halo 2,3 and halo odst stats aswell. But since i changed my xbox lie gamertag, i no longer have any history on bungie and on halo waypoint i have no history for halo 2, 3 or ODST. How can i cure this, besides having another 45 mnute chat to someone at microsft before being directed back to here lol?

Also on a side note, how do i change my halo reach nameplates and also ive never gotten the blue flaming head armor effect from bungie. Can anything be done about this also?


You’ll have to wait a few days for it to fix itself.

Also, you won’t be able to get the Eternal flames, since it was an exclusive gift from Bungie to their fans.

Nameplates can’t be changed anymore.

Sorry but i changed my gamertag 3 weeks ago. If i changed it in last few days i would understand this but it wasnt.

And that is rather crap…

I’m having the same trouble, except mine was switched over, and now it’s acting as though it never changed. It’s back to my old gamertag, and it’s acting like my new one never played a Halo game in it’s life. The old tag, however, can be searched and it shows up with all the updated emblems, stats, and credits, even though it’s my old armor… I’m very confused…

I can’t comment on the time it’s taken to update your gamertag name, but I will say that Halo Waypoint doesn’t show in depth Halo 2, 3, or ODST stats. Head to the link below to view stats summaries for those games:

I almost forgot: Welcome to Halo Waypoint! :slight_smile:

Is Gotty89 your new gamertag? Because I can view the following:

Halo Waypoint

Ahhh fair enough. I wasnt too bothered about it not showing on here it was more losing the stats. Always good to look back. And weirdly enough its showing on bungie now. not two days ago i could have logged on and nothing. But now its all there. Thank for very much :slight_smile:

I have the same problem but i like how waypoint works for gametag changes :slight_smile:

Bungie it wont work :frowning:

Yeah, same deal for me after my user name changed. Oddly Halo reach thinks i’m my old user still! only shows halo 4 nOw. And Halo anniveary.

The reason that there are delays or doesnt update is because of how the system works.

Your Gamertag is put into a database along with the email address that your account is connected to. When you change your Gamertag that change is instant for xbox and xbox live’s servers and databases.

The Halo stat tracking database then needs to update to reflect the changes. If I were the one in charge of creating the databases I would only have it check for Gamertag changes ever 7-14 days or longer as it is likely that those changes are not frequent.

Your stats are still recorded and updated through the activity for your email address (or anything else they have in the database to identify you). That is why you will see your stats updating under the old Gamertag but not the new one.

This is how it works for the current games and tracking. As for the Bungie stats and sites, it is likely that they did not give the actual servers over to 343 but just the data for reach. Therefore Bungie is still in control of their site and the databases that monitor(ed)their games. With the exception of maybe Halo 3 I would have turned off the database updates for 1, 2, and ODST because A) Matchmaking has been turned off (to my knowledge) and B)It would be making updates to information that is not widely asked for anymore, which uses up server resources that could be allocated to other things.

Assuming that I am correct on how they handeled their databases, then this is the most likely reason for the delay.

I work for a web hosting company and am drawing my conclusions and theories based on my knowledge of how Databases like this work.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

I am having a similar issue. I changed my gamertag from: Angelous11 to: ArcA Angelous

Haloway point is not recognizing that I played past halo games. Is there anything that I can do, or I will have to simply wait? I appreciate the help

> I am having a similar issue. I changed my gamertag from: Angelous11 to: ArcA Angelous
> Haloway point is not recognizing that I played past halo games. Is there anything that I can do, or I will have to simply wait? I appreciate the help

How long ago did you make your Gamertag change?

i think around November 2012 if not December. I haven’t had the new one for too long. Sorry for late reply btw. and I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Hello, I changed my gamertag about 6 months ago. My stats are still showing up for my old gamertag. What do I need to do to fix this problem?


Hello, AJayHubs.

First of all, please do not revive old threads. It is much simpler and rule-abiding to create a new thread. In the future, please make a new thread for any potential problems. :wink:

With that said, this problem can only be fixed for the following games:

Halo: Reach
Halo 4
Halo: Spartan Assault

In order to sync your stats with your new Gamertag, you will need to complete a match in each of those three games. Sadly, stats will not sync with older games, and they will remain on the old Gamertag. There is no way to fix this, I’m afraid.

Hopefully this helped. As this thread is a year old and your issue has been cleared up, I am locking this thread. As I said before, if you have any issues, please make a new thread here. Thanks!