Can't Resume Playlist (LASO)

Hey guys,

I’m at a playthrough for Solo LASO, halfway through now and I just finished ‘343 Guilty Spark’ in Halo: CE Anniversary. The game crashed at the ending cutscene and threw me back at the Xbox One Dashboard. I resumed it, the ending score showed up and the cutscene for ‘The Library’ showed up, where it crashed again.

For now … I can’t even resume the playlist. When I want to start, the HUD disappears, I can only see the Halo: CE background and then I get thrown back at the main menu.

Hard resetted my console, downloaded the current update (11/14), but nothing helps. I can only restart the playlist. Something I would never do. I lost so many hours in ‘Truth and Reconcilliation’ and ‘Attack on the Control Room’, I could never get that motivation back.

Is there any workaround for this? I can’t find a way to just load up ‘The Library’ through the playlist-menu.

EDIT: Nevermind. The update got stuck at 99%. Rebooted and it works now. I can resume the playlist now!