Can't resume Halo 2 co-op campaign after update

Hi guys,

I’m playing through the entire MCC on co-op with my fiance on our PCs, playing it casually, mission or two a day - currently we’re on Halo 2, in the Mombasa chapter. Unfortunately, after the latest update (the one that unlocks Season 7) something got broken and we cannot continue with our co-op campaign.

When we try to join the game together, we receive a message akin to “this user cannot be joined because you are only a follower”. This has not happened to us before - we played through the first missions of Halo 2 SE and the entirety of Halo CE without a problem, in co-op, joining each other’s sessions without a glitch.

So, we tried to invite each other to the friends list - and it simply doesn’t work, when we invite each other as friends, nothing happens, no invite is sent, no invitation popup appears on the other person’s screen. After that, we tried simply to invite each other into a game session through Steam - which worked twice, putting us both in the same group, but then didn’t allow us to resume the game - after clicking the resume game button, the game simply didn’t load, didn’t enter the loading screen, just stood there until one of us logged off and exited the game - only then it moved forward, starting the game as a single player campaign.

Seriously, guys, we just want to have some fun with Halo before work. Is there a way to revert to the prior update, somehow? Everything worked fine until this one.

If not, please find a solution for this and patch this. Currently, I have no way to resume the co-op campaign and play co-op together on the PC.


EDIT: Just to let you know, we did manage to make it work just now, by inviting into a game session from Steam’s level (using the invite from within MCC still didn’t work), and then waiting around 3-4 minutes after clicking “Resume game” and clicking yes in the co-op question box. For about 3-4 minutes the game seems that it won’t start, nothing happened, until, pop, it started loading. Hopefully we will be able to play through the co-op campaign all the way through this way.

Having the a simmilar issue here except we are using the Nucleus Coop mod to play local split screen on separate monitors.

The update left us hanging halfway through ODST, so now we’ve dropped Halo altogether in the middle of my favorite game.

Sign In Error
Error encountered while signing into Xbox Live.

Retry - After selecting spins forever.
Cancel - Back to the “Press Start” start menu

I’m not sure if you are running 2 separate copies of the game.
If you are on a single account shared between 2 PCs

But we are getting a separate issue that I’m sure people will come here from Google to try fix.

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> I’m not sure if you are running 2 separate copies of the game.
> or If you are on a single account shared between 2 PCs

Just to clarify - I have the issue with 2 separate copies of the game, played on two separate computers connected to the same router.

same issue, but on forge in halo reach

All checkpoints are broken after every update, you’ll have to restart the mission.