Can't Respect the Armors

Something that is actively bugging me the more I play Halo Infinite: Rare armor cosmetics don’t mean what they use to. In prior Halo games seeing someone with rare armor pieces meant that they played a lot and likely had some good skills. Now it simply means they are a whale.
If I see someone rocking flames and a MK7 helmet, I do not respect them. With the current challenge system it is humanly impossible to be past rank 20 or so this early in the game’s life. So anybody beyond that point is putting a big red flag on their character whenever they don rarer cosmetics. Its actually rather offensive to see a former badge of honor being sold off like some sort of diamond ring.
Does anyone else take issue with this?


Yeah it feels empty. If there was a coating for reaching onyx or something each season that would be worth something.

Let’s not introduce a skill based fomo unlock. The basic progression system, when it is introduced, will hopefully have its own unlocks

If I had EOD in Halo 3 you know I beat the campaign on legendary

If I have EOD in Halo Infinite you know I probably paid for it

I can’t believe we’ve regressed this much, armor was more than just cosmetic but a statement.

I’m level 43 from just playing. Idk.