Can't play with someone on the same internet

My fiance and I are trying to play MCC on PC at school on the same wifi, and one of us keeps getting kicked out before the game starts. Two of our other friends who also live together who have access to their router also have the same issue. The game is literally unplayable with friends where two people are in the same internet, why hasn’t this ever been fixed? Might have to refund the game, what’s the point.

After some heavy testing with my friend, we have determined that it is because one machine loads the game significantly slower than the other, and this triggers the network timeout on the faster players machine; regardless of host. You can try loading the same mission in single player first to cache the assets into memory before trying co-op to speed up the loading. This works for me on Halo CE:Anniversary, but not 2 anniversary, as two is too complex for my machine to load fast enough. So that may work for you, or it may not sadly. Either way, report it to halo support so maybe 343 will look into changing co-op timeout behavior.

I’m having the same issue.

If I’m playing with my roommate one of us often gets disconnected before loading in.
You can usually tell it’s going to happen when the loading screen takes longer than normal.

We have never had issues with any other online games before, and we both have more or less identical systems.

I contacted support and opened a ticket when the game first came out but never got a response.