Can't play together on same connection

We can play seperate games but if we are in a fireteam it kicks one of us out while we’re searching everytime. i have 75mb comcast internet and the netgear nighthawk ac1900 router with an open NAT. I don’t see how it could be my internet.

Im also a preview member with the new dashboard if that matters

Something very similar is happening to me. I got 2 xbox’s so friends and I could play together. While teamed up we can get into a game but one of us is always booted half way through each game. Very frustrating!!!

Ya i guess im not the only one having problems

I’m getting this same issue running a Netgear WNDR700. Both XB1s have open NAT, we’ve played online together countless times, and its definitely not bandwidth. I ordered a Netgear N750 (wndr4300) and its waiting for me to get out of work to hook it up, but if it doesn’t work, I may be SoL.

I’m having the same issue. So far my other connection problems have been resolved(twc problems, I believe) but this one is persistent. I can have a perfect connection but as soon as one of the other two xboxes in our house are powered on and halo loads up our connection goes to crap. Wi-Fi enabled devices like phones and tablets have no effect and Ethernet connected pcs don’t either. Its a very peculiar issue.

I’ve also noticed my husbands console causes a stronger effect on my consoles connection. My roommates Xbox causes lag but its not as severe. Its somewhat playable. Completely different story with hubbys Xbox. I wonder if its related to gamesharing?

It might be cuz i game share with the other xbox in my house

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> It might be cuz i game share with the other xbox in my house

I don’t think that’s the problem. At least it better not be. All games can be shared on another xbox. Lets hope they get their act together.

im about to try it again right now hopefully it works…when the game came out at midnight we had 4 xboxes on 1 connection and didnt have a problem playing campaign and then 3 were playing warzone and arena together at his house and we still didnt have a problem. It started when i took my stuff home

343 is tracking this problem in another thread.
Please move all your problems and concerns to this one!