Can't play the campaign!?!!? help!

Hey! ive just got halo 4 in the past week or so (a little behind everyone else i know) and basically i went to play the campaign missions and i can only get to the end of the first cut scene before it goes back to the main menu!so i did a little googling into the issue and it seems to be a commonish problem. i have tried all the ways to try and fix it that i could find like DLC, deleting all data then trying again and instaling disks. nothing worked. disk 2 installed simply enough but disk one would get to about 70% the say my disk was unreadable!just wondering if there is an actual solition to this that anyone knows of? ive just about had enough of trying things then having to sit through that loooongggg cut scene over and over! i came very close to just throwing the disk at the wall =)

any help or ideas would be massively appreciated

How’s your warranty?

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Go exchange Halo 4 for either Halo 2, or Halo CE Anniversary.

> Hey! ive just got halo 4 in the past week or so
> …
> disk one would get to about 70% the say my disk was unreadable!

The problem is that your disc is too dirty or scratched. Can’t fix that. You can try thoroughly cleaning it, but you’ll probably always have issues with it.

If you bought it used from a retailer, you might be able to exchange it for another copy. Otherwise, you’ll just need to buy a new copy.

You could always find somebody with a disc pollisher. My ODST was unreadable at 73% and I pollished it and it works perfectly now.

Hey ninjaasqirrel,

Did you purchase the game new or used? And are you noticing any scratches like the other community members suggested?

Wow thanks for all the replies guys! The disk is preowned but it’s spotless there are no marks dirt or scratches to be seen. The weird thing is if I move my xbox profile off my hard drive and onto a memory card, then remove the hard drive from the console it lets me play the campaign… Very weird! I’ve had no problems with any other game either

Hmm… this sounds like there may be an issue involving your hard drive. Have you checked the entire HD for any yellow “!” files? Even if it’s not under the Halo section, it could be causing trouble. If you still have issues that occur when you have the HD installed, you may need to reach out to Xbox Support.

Hey ninjaasqirrel,

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