Cant play Spartan Ops coop..

I play with two of my buds and right into two seconds of the loading screen, it forces me straight into the menu. It doesn’t give an error or look like I come back to anything bugged. So I am left with an issue showing no issues with no way to fix it…

This is why i wish coop in Campaign or spartan ops had a matchmaking that way there would always be a stable host, I dont know if you have tried having them host the game or not but it seems like a Bug to be reported, the MCC’s Host co-op hasn’t been very good in years and i wish they would fix it because i have great internet and can host any other game without lag but the MCC still gives me problems, I would also try just hosting with 2 of you rather then all 3 to see if one of you has connection issues.

Giving my +1 to this, unable to play Spartan Ops with anyone co-op as where it was fine on the testflight.