Can't play ranked arena open crossplay

I tried to play with my friends in a fireteam, but when we are trying to search in ranked arena we can’t play together because it only warns that it are “server issues”.

but when i play solo i can play it.
i’m have not played the 10 qualify matches but my friends have. i don’t know if that is the problem because the
new ranking system… it sucks that you can’t play with you friends even if they are ranked or higher rank because of the new ranking system…

Does somebody have an idea why this happend?

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Yep same thing happened last night with my Son.

We should be within the CSR limits - but he hasn’t played his ten placement games.

Players who have not yet qualified for the current CSR season (played their 10 qualifying matches to establish a starting CSR) are treated specially. Unranked players can only fireteam with other not-yet-qualified players, and with qualified players up to 899 CSR (Gold 6).

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