Can't play Online.... There was an issue with the Halo Infinite servers.'

Got on to try the new update and to my surprise; I can’t play anything online. Says the servers are down. Tried restarting but that did nothing. Doesn’t seem like this is happening to everyone, I didn’t find anything on it. Does anyone else have this issue? Can I even play soon? Is there a fix?

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This happened to me, had to uninstall and reinstall the game to get it working again. This happens to me after every update

Same thing is happening to me: “There was an issue with the Halo infinite servers”.
And this is the first post I find on this Issue.
Restarted game and pc but nothing seems to work

This happened to me while I was playing through the campaign for the first time, the issue also stopped me from using the cosmetics I unlocked through armor lockers. The issue appeared permanent as it went on for several days, and, as said above, the only solution that seemed to work was to reinstall the game on my pc. It sucks, but at least there’s a reliable fix.