Can't play multiplayer

Right so this sucks everytime I go into a multiplayer game I disconnect like within 1 minute all the time really disappointed and I know it’s not my connection as this is the only game that does it?? Does anyone else feel a little conned that they gave us early access so a supposedly full game when it still feels like a beta release with so many problems ? But at least I have halo wars 1 that is keeping me occupied

Hmm what game type do you play? I have only had a disconnect happen to me in 2v2 twice and never in 1v1.

Well I play on pc and I’ve tried domination, blitz, death match all just disconnect about a min in, but I can play any other game online with no lag or disconnecting just this game does not work.

Yeah I have had relatively no problems in Deathmatch on Xbox One. I’ve disconnected a couple of times in 2v2 just enough for it to be a little annoying. But I have had no problems with 1v1.

Damn wish I had no problems really want to dive into the online but it just don’t work :frowning:

I have the same problem. It’s really frustrating not being able to play online.

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Me sucede exactamente lo mismo y solamente con este juego ,El servidor es una basura