Can't play multiplayer at all (Internet too slow?)

After taking about 72 hours to download the game when I finally tried to access the multiplayer I was confronted on both the arena and warzone home screens with the message “could not find a server that was suitable for all members of your fire team”. When I go to click on the a game mode I see the message “ATTENTION (in big writing) could not find a server that was suitable for all members of your fire team”. I know I don’t have a very fast internet connection (2.8 mbs at its fastest) but this doesn’t stop me playing Battlefield hardline or Forza 6. I am not that smart when it comes to technology so if anybody has any recommendations on how I could fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

Shouldn’t be a connection issue tbh. Mine is constantly hovering around 3-3.5mbps and I have no issues online. I do tend to reset my router before loading halo up though, Maybe try that and see if it helps. I also make sure everything else in the house is disconnected from the wifi.

Im having fine connection

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> Im having fine connection

Good for you.

Your line speed should be fine. I only have a 1.5MB internet line at the moment and I am not having any issues.
Have you run a speedtest on your line to see the ping of your connection? Mine is at about 18ms. You could also add your Xbox’s IP address to the DMZ zone on your router for unrestricted traffic. But you did say you played Battlefield Hardline without issue so I am not sure it will help.