Can't play mp with devices or consoles online

As stated, I cannot play multiplayer if I have any other consoles or internet connected devices are on my network.

I am a TWC customer in north Idaho. I have the best speeds available for my area; 50 down 5 up. My modem is a surfboard sb6141 and router is a netgear wndr3400v3. This issue is only prevalent in Halo 5. For example, lets say I am on my Xbox playing Halo and my husband is playing Killer Instinct. He will have an absolutely perfect connection. I, on the other hand, will experience lag so severe I see players running into walls and 40 seconds later it seems to resync. This repeats itself several times a match. This lag carries over to co op and custom games as well, much to my disappointment. Its not just affecting my Xbox, either. We have three consoles in the house; one for me, one for the roommate and one for the husband. Needless to say, the lack of LAN capabilities has been felt this week.

I was on the new os earlier this week, but I reverted back in an attempt to alleviate the lag. No help. The other two consoles are not NXOE enabled, either. If there is any more information, needed 343, I will be happy to provide it. I would just like to play co-op SOMETIME this week. I had a brief patch of three hours where we could, and it was amazing.

Also, I’ve tried every suggestion I’ve read. My online experience has improved massively but only when I have the network to myself…

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