Can't Play matchmaking, "Dedicated Server Problem"

I can’t play matchmaking games. When I try to play, loading map is at 0%, then it says “there was a problem with dedicated servers” and nothing helps at all. Restarting, cache clearing, resetting network, reinstall nothing works. Any idea anyone?
Can’t play anything matchmaking…even customs. (Offline customs work fine)


Same issue here. Have tried Port Forwarding. Changing textures (map loads fine solo). Reset modems/routers.

Opened a ticket with support and got no help. I feel like everyone I know can play fine.

Swap to an alt port and restart

After disabling and enabling my network interface in network settings it worked.

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Can someone explain a solution if anyone find it please?
I can’t play and halo support just told me to wait while a temporary event is going, so frustating

Well its been two days since the official launch of the game, and the “so called” optimization for all players and we are still having server issues. I recently ranked in match making and would like to hold that rank, but some impeding forces (e.g. shot registration, the worst lag I’ve ever experienced in a halo multiplayer experience)have been the the main reason for my losses in game.

I understand that the community wants more than one ranked and social game type, a service record system for all players, and better progression system, and these are all fine, but to have those things you have to have players playing your game the way it was meant to be played. So I feel in my opinion a dedicated server should and has to be the top priority.

Other than those things I find the game a delight, and i want to play more, but please get it to the point where its dedicated to all players.

Which Network Settings though?