Can't play H2A co-op online

Me and a friend started playing H2A on Legendary and had no problems at Cairo Station; however, when we got to Outskirts, the game divided us and when we tried playing together it always boots us off the game before it even starts. We had no problems with the game on Halo 1 nor on Custom Games. We’ve tried starting the game on classic graphics and while we both had a saved game on Outskirts. We tried skipping it and playing Metropolis (shame since we both adore Outskirts) but it doesn’t seem to work either.

Is there any fix I could do? Maybe turn off skulls or something?

This is a known problem with Halo 2. You both have to load the mission in single player, use the save and quit and then get your partner to invite you to their game. When you’re in, make sure they hit resume. You should be ok after that.

Good to know, I remember having this issue over a year ago. Shame it wasn’t fixed. Thank you again for the fine information of how to go around the problem! Cheers!