Cant play game with EAC on

Title ^^^
Cant launch game on steam with EAC on, just get error codes.
Tried verifying game
Tried repairing updating EAC
Nothing works
What gives?

It would be helpful if you state which error codes you’re getting

Error code 13 has been the main one
But sometimes get 10011

Another thing if the game doesn’t close properly after fail launch & I use “X Stop” on steam library page it crashes steam & I have to restart PC to get steam to function again.
And when I say restart PC I mean manually turn off at PSU as PC will not shut down via windows restart/shutdown after steam crash & it just hangs forever???

PC specs (Not potato)
Asus ROG Strix x570-e
Ryzen9 5950x
EVGA 3080ti ftw3ultra
Dominator 32gb ddr4
2tb corsair MP600 M.2 PCIe
(x2) 2TB 870 evo SSD

Cannot play online with my Steam Deck. @343 please fix ASAP

I had the same problem! The game would lock up when the loading screen came up.
I contacted Halo Tek Support they said if you have a problem with EAC you need to contact EAC.

Well I went to the website made a support ticket at EAC… It was a month ago now and still no response as of the time of this post. So much for support from EAC. So the only thing I could d:o is delete Halo MCC! So I paid for a game that does not work.

So I had to delete Halo MCC. It really sucks donut! :rofl:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I can still play campaigns if I launch with EAC off but have no access to any online mp
And like I said it often crashes steam then totally trips out my PC which I’m not happy about.
At this point 343i will never get a single penny off me ever.
They could release a new game & I wouldn’t buy it as there level of support & reactivity to issues even when widely suffered by the community is simply just abysmal.
343i needs shut down.

I can’t blame you one bit bud! Like me I can play it offline only! So what the point of keeping on my PC if I can’t play in Multiplayer.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left: