Can't play Firefight Matchmaking (not Because of absence of a HD)

Hello Everyone. First of all,i looked up the first few pages and i didn’t notice a similar post to mine so here it is.
Recently,I have been having the Upstream Bandwidth problem,the same as many many other people around have. I used to be good,then average and now i’m in Warning condition. But never mind that and the Lag i experience in Competetive game types,what annoys me the most is that i can’t play Firefight . I get stuck in the “looking for players” queue,i’ve left it there for like 15 minutes ending up with a note saying smth like “it seems there are not enough players in this game mode to start a game. Please try again later”.
Obviously,that’s not the case,i can’t play ANY type of firefight except score attack,which loads just fine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,either for the upstream bandwidth issue (which i highly doubt as i’ve looked many hours on the internet finding to find a solution but meh) or my Firefight issue.My nat and packet loss rate are both green btw.
Oh and one last thing,if i join as guest with a Second controller,after searching for a while i get in a game,but just the two of us as if it was a local game. Some might be fond of the idea but meh,where is the fun in that? hehe.

It sounds to me like what is happening is this:

Halo Reach’s matchmaking system is looking at your network connection and saying “Uhhh, there’s no way we’re putting you into a Firefight or Co-op game with other players, because you’re going to lag the heck outta them!”.

You need to remember that Firefight and Campaign Co-op run on a different network system than standard multiplayer. In standard multiplayer, 1 laggy player can join in without having much effect on the overall game. In Firefight/Co-op, 1 laggy player slows the entire game down for everyone.
The reason it lets you play Score Attack is because it is a Solo gametype. Your crappy connection won’t effect any other players. When you plug in a 2nd controller, it will allow you to join a Firefight game because you have more than 1 player, but it still won’t match you with other players for the same reason I mentioned above.

Now, as far as how to improve your connection speed? I have no idea. It depends on so many different factors. Are there lots of other people using the internet in your home at the same time as you? Do you have a computer running lots of downloads or bit-torrents? Are you using wi-fi internet?

First of all,thanks for the Proper reply,it’s the first i get after posting about my problem on 3 forums.

What you said about Co-op and Firefight Servers etc. makes sense and i don’t mind it happening,as i wouldn’t want to be held back in a game because of someone else either.

As far as my Internet connection (via ethernet) is concerned… I might have a crappy connection (24 Mbps down / 1 Mbps Up) but i want to remind you that I USED to be in green status. So “get a better net connection nab” isn’t the answer,let alone the fact that i already am paying for the best ISPs in my country can offer me.Plus that my speed is where it should be,so no ISP fault here.
Anyway,here are some things i have tried in case it helped.

-Called my ISP,they proved speed is fine on their side.

  • Isolated my Internet Connection only to my Xbox so it had 100% for use.
    -I have done many changes in my router’s options,including Nat,Upnp,portforwarding,disabling Firewalls,web browsing interceptions,resets,factory defaults etc. etc.
  • I have replaced my router with another spare i had.
  • I have even Connected my router to the source of the DSL line in my house (can’t explain properly in Professional terms) in case some cables in the walls had been damaged.

Some things that i might give a go if anyone thinks are worth is trying to update my modem’s firmware (never done it,just heard of it but i’ll figure it out if i have to) . Maybe Delete and re-install Halo reach on my Xbox,or Even return to factory defaults,as long as someone can confirm nothing too imprortant will be lost? Maybe Removing Kinect from my Xbox,even though i doubt it sucks on the internet speed when it’s not being used? I don’t know what else to think.