Can't play Co-op multiplayer on same wifi?

I’ve encountered a very infuriating issue on MCC PC.

BACKGROUND - My brother and I have always played Halo, as it is our favorite game. We used to always go split-screen all the time, even for multiplayer. With the release of Halo MCC PC, we were excited that we could play online together on separate systems (or so we thought).

Problem - It appears that if we both start a party to play in the same multiplayer match, one of us always ends up losing connection before the game starts. We only have gotten both of us into a game once or twice. Even when we weren’t in any party and somehow got paired up together in a multiplayer match, one of us was still kicked. This issue is really troubling since it appears to only happen with MCC and no other game. Is there any way to resolve this? Thank you.

Hey there!

Have you tried starting the game as a local game and still inviting him? if he is on the same wifi as you , that is a local area network and it should still be able to let you guys play that way!

if that doesn’t work, try bypassing the entire router like I did before with my brother when we used to play! grab the Ethernet cord and plug it directly in to the back of his xbox. I’m not sure if that will work the same as it did before as I did this on the xbox 360.

EDIT: My apologies I read this too quickly and offered the solution that worked for me for offline co op campaign. Try going into your router settings and enabling UPnP ( Universeral Plug and Play). doing a quick google of this same problem others had in other versions of halo, they mentioned a good router that can handle UPnP well and was enabled had solved this issue for them, and in some cases it was turned off in their router settings.