Can't Obtain Join Fire Tier 10 Reward even after completing the Event and Challenges. It is still locked and the XP bar has vanished

No idea whats going on here. The Helmet Attachment, tier 10 reward is completely unobtainable for me. I’ve completed all challenges and the progress bar for the Join Fire Event has entirely vanished as well.

Turn Xbox off - find a new hobby.
Although turning it on and off again might help.

Ty, I’ll give er a go and see what happens

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Damn. Nope, that didn’t work unfortunately. I’ve restarted my computer/game multiple times as well.

It’s probably by design to make you come back the next week and get the rest of the rewards so player numbers go up

Is your issue the same as this:

There’s a reply to that saying they’re looking into it.

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Bingo! Thats literally my exact issue. Thank you so much for providing me with this, you absolute Legend. Fr tho lol