Can't Matchmake Competitive, but Social works

Hey everyone, for the past week I have been unable to join any competitive matches in any Playlist. I’ve tried restarting my game and console , and changing the server regions as well. As far as I know I haven’t been hit with bans or had issues to cause a negative report (other than one player sending a message cursing about my driving in a match in which I didn’t get us out of the enemy’s sights in time).

Weird thing is, social works great. So idk what would be the reason. I’ve tried multiple times of day and nothing.

Ranked is dead

It depends on what times you search and which region you are in. I’m in EST in the US and I can find ranked matches in the afternoon and on evenings. Sometimes during the daytime and during the week ranked is pretty dead. I have exit the matchmaker from time to time and go back in before I connect to a match.