Can't Look Up/Look Down on Legacy Thumbstick Layout while Strafing at max move speed

I’m hoping we can get the Legacy Thumbstick Layout fixed soon, there’s an issue with strafing left/right and look up/down. Strafing at max movement speed left or right causes the look up/down function to not work at all, as if there’s a 50% deadzone size for some portions of the stick’s movement but not others. It’s unplayable like this. Aiming up or down should be functional but those actions don’t work at all when Strafing at max move speed. This is a gigantic problem for anyone who plays on the Legacy stick layout.

I made a video detailing this issue but links can’t be shared here. So if it would be helpful in finding out what’s wrong, go to YouTube and copy/paste this video title to find it:

Legacy Thumbsticks Strafe/Look issue in Halo Infinite. Please fix!!

Creator is ragnarokfps (me)

The way it’s supposed to work, the way it works in every other game, look/strafe functions work at any angle of stick deflection, but in Halo Infinite this is limited for some reason. I also tried several different controllers on a Series X and on PC, it’s not a controller problem and not something I can fix by changing a game setting.

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