Can't log in to Spartan Assault

Today I managed to get past the “crash on start” problem with the fix 343 supplied for NVidia users, but now I’m caught at another roadblock: I can’t log in.
I start it up, watch the splash logos, then the game asks me if it can access my info. If I hit ‘yes’, a dialogue appears reporting: “ERROR. Xbox is currently not available or there is a network issue. Verify the computer time is set correctly or try again later.”

I have no issue logging in on my xbox, this laptop, or here, yet Spartan Assault can’t seem to log me in…

Same exact problem. I’ve been on 3 different calls with people and forums, and chats and still cant get this resolved

same thing here

either of you guys figure out the problem?

After calling 3 different “help” lines, chatting with someone Xbox Support, and finally being referenced here I have found out that it is a known issue and that 343i is working on a patch for this issue (supposedly) and it probably won’t be released until the patch that allows you to use a 360 controller. Also I have no solid proof that the patch will be released then or before or after, that is simply what I was told on one of the “help” lines.

Evilbob, any progress? I asked support about the patch you referred to, they told me they had no idea what I was talking about. All they’ve done is ask me questions, I know I’ve been having issues with my windows product key after reinstalling but I don’t see how that really matters if you’ve had the same problem.

No luck. I sent BS Angel a message through twitter and she said that there was an update/patch coming “soonish” for Spartan Assault. That is honestly the most info I have gotten through this whole yoinking mess.

Ok, if I find anything that will help us I’ll let you know, if you do the same, thanks for telling me that atleast, maybe a patch/update will fix our issue

I bought the game today and I’m having the same problem. I’ve been looking through the forums for some kind of fix but no luck so far. I really hope that patch fixes this problem I was so excited to play the game today.

i’m honestly losing interest with every single set back I find, beginning to think its not worth it, anymore problems and i’ll just be cutting my losses and not even trying to play it, unless of course it comes out for IOS

I bought game yesterday, same issue. I managed to get the halowaypoint access to my Xbox account but nothing changed. I redownloaded profile on Xbox, but I’m really just confused now.

Does my Xbox have to be on and logged in to play this on my surface pro?

I save my Xbox profile to a external usb HD, is that why Spartan assault can’t find it?

My Xbox account is a family group account with 4 profiles, is this a bug?

Or is it just crappy testing and never should have done Xbox integration. I’m With the guy who might wait for it on iOS.


After doing more researching and trying to figure out what was wrong with my xbox account. I have found the answer to why was unable to edit my xbox live account info.

Apparently, on my new Windows Surface pro, I accidentally set time zone to “Central America” instead of “Central Standard Time”. After setting the time zone correctly, I was able to login to Spartan Assault and play.

Happy now…

Just to note, it did take some manipulation on the site to get access to my xbox live account. Also, I did re-download my xbox profile to my xbox hardware. Additionally, uninstall, rebooted, reinstalled. All that before the time zone fix.

Glad that worked for you. I have checked all my settings and un-installed and re-installed. Tried updating drivers and nothing works. If I find anything that fixes the issue I will share it as this has been a pain in the yoink.

I just wanted to let you know Andy that I finally got Halo: Spartan Assault to work, granted I don’t have sound when someone talks but I do have the background noise. Anyways I had to go into the time settings and change it to another time zone and then change it back to the correct time zone. Also I don’t know if this mattered or not but I turned off the leap year option and then turned it back on once I tried to log in. Don’t know why that worked or if I will be able to play tomorrow but for right now it works…mostly. I still don’t know why I don’t have sound but who knows, most of the things that have been released have been buggy as yoink so who knows maybe that will be fixed in the mythical update/patch. Anyways good luck with it, games fun so far.

ok thank you evilbob, where do I have to go to change that? not the one on my task bar right?

weird, that did do something, but now I get the message about signing in with the Microsoft account you purchased it with

Exactly what did you guys do to make it work I’m still having no luck with this. I’ve been changing my time zones and I’m still getting the same error.

The way that I went about it was on the lower right corner I right clicked on the time and then clicked on adjust time/date. From there you should have the ability to change your time and daylight savings time. I changed it a total of three different times. Good luck Andy, and hopefully you will have sound.

It’s working!!! I did what EvilBob said and it’s working I have sound and everything. But it worked two days after I changed my time zone. Regardless it’s working fine and I’m having no problems now.

Ugh I hope today’s update wasn’t aimed to fix my issue, because it still has not, still get the sign in with the account you purchased the game with error (paraphrasing) 343 hasn’t said a damn thing in days about anything with it, I’m guessing I’m just going to have an app I can’t use and stupidly paid for.