Can't log in to halo 5

Since last Thursday I haven’t been able to log into halo. When I try to login it says, “unable to sync profile”. Then sometimes it says my user does not have authorisation, or sometimes it just says the halo 5 servers aren’t responding. But my internet is running fine and working with every thing else.
Sometimes it loads to the main menu then it will just say retrieving data and I can’t even select a playlist, or it will just say “connecting to lobby” then it will say failed to connect to server. I have contacted Xbox live and done every thing they said even factory reset and reinstalling the game.

But I have found that this has only happenes on Thursday, and Fridays ever since the new season. Just wondering if there is anyway to fix this because I love halo and it is a amazing game

I’ve contacted Xbox and they told me to contact you guys.
no response? Please I would like to play halo 5 again.

No response still?
Anyone had any issues like this before?

Have you tried the basic hard reset/start to your counsel? Then try to log in. If that doesn’t work come back and post here again. Im sure there are some that have had this problem as well. And make sure when you do a hard reset start to your counsel you unplug it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. That is per xbox support method.

Another thing to try is power cycle your modem and router if you have one.

I have tried them multiple times. Hard reset, unplug for 30 seconds, reset cache, reset router, tried wireless and Ethernet cable. I have tried all of things I’m running out of ideas…

I’m still having this problem ! Anyone please.

It is possible that the server you normally connect to isn’t available every day. So that maybe what is causing some of your troubles. Here are a few questions…
Where are you located at? If your in the US what state are you in?
Is your Nat set to Open?
What search preference are you selecting?
Its hard to help you with out further info…


I’m located in Australia.
My nat is open.
i have tried it early in the morning and throughout the day and it still doesn’t work. I have a feeling it’s my router but all the ports are open. I have no idea.