Can't join friends custom games

Is online custom games disabled due to the match making issues? Just wondering because I can’t join my friend’s game plus when I look at the roster when in Halo MCC it doesn’t show him listed even though if I go to friends he is there. So was this disabled? If not what do I need to do so I can play a custom game with my friend?

I can’t join friends and invites don’t work. How is this worth any amount of money?

I finaly got it working by turning off my xbox and unplugging it to clear the cache and now am able to join my friend,

Its still broken as it will kick me out sometimes and now I can’t see my brother who is now playing the game. :confused: I was really looking forward to playing some customs and MP this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to next weekend.

I had the same problem trying to join my friends custom game. Froze my Xbox and required a force quit