Can't join a friends session anymore

Hey all

My friends recently got MCC and were were able to play together for a bit; however now whenever I join his game I get Connection Failed, please try again message all the time. My NAT is open, I tried both wired and wireless. I was wondering if its because a new update came (like the new Xbox ui) since it wasn’t like this before.

I did powercycle my xbox one and still get the same issue.

I am having the same issue. To add, I am able to join a party with my friends and even communicate via mic but when I get a game invite it will not let me join. I also can’t play a normal game by myself either. When in the find game lobby, it will cycle from “searching for more players” to “Players found” to connection failed. And it will perform this cycle indefinitely. I have contacted support several times and they tell me to do the same things every time. Once they instructed me to uninstall MCC and reinstall it. This, as some of you may know, is a days long process. That didn’t even work. I haven’t been able to play halo for several weeks now with one exception :I was able to get into a multiplayer game ONCE but afterwards reverted back to the same problems…