CAn't invite Friends for challenges

Why is the option not available (for custom challenges) when I try to click and select friends to invite?

it is not an option if you are inviting people to a firefight machmaking or just machmaking it should give an option to invite your friends

if you have any question fell free to ask but stay on the right foruns and topic please thanks

First off I was referring to custom challenges and being unable to invite my friends to complete them.
Second since this is a question about Reach and I am in the Reach forum do you want to share where else this should go?
Thank YOU

I was having the same issue, then I figured out how to do it. If you click on the “set time limit box” (next to the number of hours), then hit TAB to open the invite friends section. Hope that helps!

I appreciate the effort but that didn’t work for me.
I did find that when I type 0 into the hours box… then my friends list opens!

If there is any other number in the box it won’t let me add friends…

The second I put any amount of time besides 0 in the option disappears.

Do any moderators know what that is all about?