I am unable to install Halo Wars 2 on my xbox. I have attempted to install both the disc and even bought the game online. Neither would work (the disc would install but fail to update). I have deleted all Halo Wars 2 data, hard reset my XBOX, reformatted my XBOX, tried to use multiple different connections both ethernet and Wi-Fi. I have also tried to install to both my external drive and internal drive. I also reset my external hard drive to see if there was corrupted data that was the problem, no luck. I try to start the download, turn my XBOX off so it’ll attempt to keep installing after it stops. no luck. All of my other games work. HELLPPPPPPPP S.O.S please and thank you everyone.

I am also having this issue, except only with the digital version of the game. used all the same steps. talked with microsoft report and they have no idea, and linked me to this page.