Can't install on Windows 10

I’ve only just recently restored my PC and installed Windows 10 again and the Halo app.
When I go into the Halo app Halo Wars 2 just says “Buy Now” whereas Halo Wars: Definitive Edition says “Install Now”
I’m able to install Halo Wars: Definitive Edition through the Store on Windows 10 but when I go to the Halo Wars 2 store page is says “Manage”, I click it and it takes me to Downloads and updates where there’s no sign of Halo Wars 2.

Any ideas on how to fix this/be able to install and play Halo Wars 2 on my PC? I could before I restored it.
Also unable to install “Xbox Identity Provider” which I guess causing me unable to sign into H5: Forge, when I hit retry it just gives me this error: Code: 0x803F8001