can't i use the specializations limited edite

it says on the box of the limited edition that you get to use the specialization at launch but i can’t can someone explain.

Reach level 50 → enlist in specialization → 10 more levels → you get 1 specialization → enlist in another → 10 more levels → rinse, repeat

You get access to them all, as in they’re all available for you when you reach SR 50 whereas those with out the LE right now can not access a majority of them, or even see them

You can access them when you’ve completed your current specialization, reach level 50 then you can choose between 8 specializations.

No it doesn’t, it says you have early access. Basically, non-LE players will get use of them eventually, but we LE players get use of them as soon as we hit SR50.