Can't help but feel like much - if not most - of the hate and anger is just people failing (or refusing) to understand what Free-to-Play meant/means and just assuming things

Free to play should never been a freaking thing i rather pay 60 for a complete game that works then this money grabbing peice of … we got now


Successful ftb games like the one we mentioned for fortnite, war zone, apex, or Warframe are all like this.
Not only do they update faster, the servers can hold more people, and the content is more,And there is a mature level of reward mechanism, but also free through the play to get money in game, except for the war zone, which has all kinds of balance and bug problems, but it’s much higher than infinite in terms of the first content.
Of course you can say there are a million other bad ftb games, but it’s not unusual to compare them to the hottest ftb games given halo’s IP and the amount of time they’ve been in development and the amount of publicity they’ve had
Now the 343 developers also revealed the system that will change the store pricing and join the game activity, there is no level, they also know that.
Just like they never change, they keep making mistakes and the efficiency is low,I’m afraid they’ll fix the game when it’s dying, just like they did before.


Certainly not because of any of the numerous posts and replies complaining about lack of cosmetic unlocks from the campaign, specifically targeting the “armor lockers” and making claims such as:

For as commonplace as these complaints are, to be dismissing a commonly parroted point as “false” is pretty disingenuous.

I haven’t played it I think, but Fortnite is likely trying to keep the game going for a worse reason.
Same for Warframe, but Warframe’s also been around for a while.
Warzone and Apex don’t have much content, if I’m correct.

It might be that there are a few exceptions, but free-to-play has been quite bad.

I hope that’s not what happens.

Saying no one is asking for everything to be free would be false, but saying that many or most of the non-technical complaints are based on the idea that everything would be free is disingenuous.

However, complaining about the armor lockers in the campaign not unlocking armor isn’t the same as expecting everything to be free.

Compared to other Free to play games it was also lacking in features I feel, and did not learn from the best of them monetisation wise.


Most people played Infection, so colours were fine. And a lot of what people are upset about are even broken promises or just broken elements of the game.


Sorry but this is nonsense. Predatory stores in F2P games has nothing to do with gameplay innovation.
Most people didn’t ask for F2P and most people want a ‘complete game’ because that’s what most of us have been paying for 2 decades. It clearly wasn’t the right thing to do when last time I checked populations like Steam is going has dropped 80% of it’s population. Right now MCC is actually competition with Infinite in population numbers and that has been struggling for a while.

If 343i wanted this game to last 10 years it is not going to if they keep handling it the same way they are currently doing now. Of course they thought the game would have just as much content as Reach because 343i actually said it would have plenty of content and more than Reach and yet we didn’t so it’s understandable why most people think this regardless of how you think F2P games should work.

Just because certain F2P games out there rip people off does not mean Halo franchise has to start doing it. To generalise as meaningless is ridiculous and colours are just as important as any other content and I’m sick of people defending these shady nonsense. No 343i didn’t gave colour meaning because that choice was taken away to exploit gamers at stupid prices when most people can just colour swap quite easily in 2d programs.

Forcing F2P may have severely damaged 343i’s rep and have hurt the Halo IP again. Trying to rationalise their decisions is not going to help matters when the majority of the community seems to be sick of the decisions that 343i are making and it is now effecting the overall popularity of the games. To continue to make these poor decisions has made me seriously wonder if the Halo IP or if 343i will get shut down at some point within the 10 years that was originally meant for Infinite.


in the end it just comes down to greed. How much money can potentially be made from the game. In pursuing this they’ve decided this much and and are facing many p!$$ed fans. It’s actually a good lesson to all really not to do it but also not to expect too much these days when companies tell their fans they’re doing their best to please them

It’s a shame because the majority of 343 will obviously just want folk to love their work but the higher ups basically -Yoink!- on this principle and make their employees look bad.

For me personally I decided to uninstall based on the campaign being locked to online play only, requiring validation every time which is dangerous territory and completely unnecessary given the game functions 100% fine once you do sign in and then out again at that point.

So many stupid or simply greedy decisions made and this simply doesn’t sit well with fans


It’s people like these why huge Publishers get away with broken, unfinished games & ridicilous Cashshops these days.

This whole “it’s F2P, how will they make money??” narrative has to die as soon as possible.
The gaming industry is making more money than ever before, in fact, the gaming industry is making more revenue than the movie & music industry combined.

Especially a Franchise like Halo has a huge variety of income, unlike many other Franchises out there.

  • -Campaign revenue (still priced at 60€, even !!without!! multiplayer & lacking features)
  • -Subscribption Fee (Battlepass, 10€ for 3 months, which is already a lot for a single game)
  • -Toys, Comics, Premium Stuff & many more
  • -Microtransactions
  • -Additional content like DLC

Even Halo 5 has made 500 Million $ of revenue in it’s first week.
In addition to all that, this company is supported by the wealthiest company on the planet earth.

So for the love of god, please stop acting as if this company will close the curtains when the customers get a bit more value for their money.


Most are upset because what 343 said and what we ended up with isn’t quite the same. They were saying there would be a lot of stuff you could unlock via game play and that really isn’t true. The cosmetics system is really pretty bad with so much stuff being for only certain cores. Probably one of the worse progression systems ever made to unlock the paid battle pass. You have to play what the RNG challenge tells you to play instead of what you want to play and then even sacrifice good game play while going for them. Not one set of armor via campaign… The game was delayed a year yet we have to wait for co-op, forge, and even the ability to replay certain missions of the campaign. Having to start entire new games just to replay missions is quite mind boggling really. The multiplayer has good mechanics and gameplay but the maps are kinda lackluster really. The big doors not moving on Bazaar was somewhat disappointing to me, I was like come on even the doors moved on Terf back in the day. There is a lot of potential in Infinite it’s just kinda lame we will have to wait for however long for them to add the stuff.


Halo 3 got 3 new maps 2.5 months after launch for the price of cat ears. After 3 months with current model, we will have nothing but a road map.

Yeah… The old way was better.


Plus nobofy asked for ftp…

So yes. The enitre model is trash.


Colors do matter even if try and minimalize it. People care about them. They felt it was a level of customization that’s now gone. Just because you didn’t see it in team games doesn’t mean people don’t care.

Also, not every free to play game makes you pay for cosmetics you used to get for free. Case and point, Warzone. All the weapons, camos, attachments, and reticles are free. You unlock them how you did in earlier CoD game, through leveling up and completing challenges tied to the gun you want to use. You know what’s monetized? Stuff that didn’t used to be in the games. So not all games take away the old. Some just charge for the new.

You also seem to think that it’s just because people don’t understand free to play that they had false expectations. To that I’d ask have you read any of the Insider Infinite posts? They go on and on about how there would be multiple ways of unlocking armor and other customization. Telling us there would be “tons” of customization for free. They built up they hype. They even referenced the hype they intentionally build up.

They also showed screenshots of armor which stated it was unlocked for beating the campaign (June Inside Infinite). So when people got nothing no armor at all from the campaign, whose at fault for their expectations not being meet? Them, or the company that literally showed off images with armor that said it was a campaign unlock? To make matters worse, they have “armor lockers” which contain no armor. They are responsible for people having expectations which weren’t meet.

Now onto perhaps my biggest point. We didn’t ask for the game to be free to play. Some people knew what they were going to get and still aren’t happy. Why, because not everyone wants Halo to go Free to Play. Some people prefer how things used to be. You clearly don’t, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong for feeling that way. It just means they have a different opinion. So stop acting like the complaints come from people’s ignorance.


I can’t help but feel like this is a bunch of bs


Coincidentally that price you quoted was the amount people claim Infinite cost to make. Now, I don’t know how much Infinite actually cost, but assuming it cost at most that much, then they easily could have made their money back without going free to play.

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In fact, It was 343’s own marketing strategy that kept them from earning more.
But they still made a lot of money when H4H5.
Their own marketing strategy allows the game to be influenced by other products, but other products are also tepid.
It’s funny that someone would blame this on the players.


I can almost guarantee you that this is not true.
First of all, we have to differentiate between developement cost & a budget over a time period. Even the most ambitious Triple A games with way more content didn’t cost that much to make (not even half of that).

Secondly, that “report” everyone is referring to is just a small german twitter page with a forum. That platform has no valuable insider. At least not in that regard.
I listened to that podcast and I heard that statement - they neither even mentioned one single source, nor do they have valuable etablished contacts.
They just quote stuff from everyone without reliable sources.

The only reason this stuff blew up was due to the console warriors on Xbox & Playstation. Everyone used that number to attack, defend, justify things for various reasons.


Considering I paid for every game from CE to 5 you could also say that all their MP’s were FTP too.


Oh I would be surprised if it were true myself. I was just making the assumption it was true to say it doesn’t even matter, the game still could have avoided F2P.


You think this is just about the campaign?

If so you haven’t been paying attention.