Can't help but feel like much - if not most - of the hate and anger is just people failing (or refusing) to understand what Free-to-Play meant/means and just assuming things

Then getting mad when the things that they assumed (that mostly had no basis in reality) didn’t come true, or didn’t come true in the way they wanted it to.

Reading many, if not MOST of the non-technical complaints (the complaints not relating to bugs/performance) they all seem to be based on this idea that for some reason, 343 was going to give everything you used to spend $60 on…for $0.

Even though that is not how even the most generous F2P games work. F2P games, particularly shooters, work off a simple principle - we give you gameplay for free, so that everyone gets everything, and no one gets split up or left out. You give use money for cosmetics, even ones you used to get unlocked in the game sometimes in return.

But the old way was better!”

No it wasn’t. Not if your goal was to have new gameplay content you could actually play regularly and wanted to keep the player base together.

So many people seem to have had this idea that they were going to get the entirety of something like Halo 3 or Reach for free, even though 343 never alluded to that and barely any, if ANY at all, F2P games work like that.

EDIT: I KNOW someone is going to bring up colors to which I reply - colors were meaningless customization in Halo 1 - 5. Because unless you were a FFA or Firefight fiend, you spent 99.9% of your time wearing Red/Blue (or Green, in Campaign). Color was meaningless. 343 finally gave color meaning in Infinite, so of course they’re gonna charge for it.


Most people are mad because the game came out obviously at minimum 3 months early.


No one expected us to get everything we got before for free but we did expect a lot more. It’s a AAA game, it’s not like they are short of cash yet almost every other f2p game I know offers more stuff for free than this


This is false.

I often wonder why so many make things up and claim whatever to be a fact.

Now let’s show the truth, and that is 343 said they were providing millions of options for paying and none paying players. So it’s actually safe to say some not all were actually ( going off of 343 own words.)

Oh, by the way, I wish players would stop saying this game is “f2p” when MP is the only f2p. A true f2p game would be Warframe, and how anyone views Warframe is irrelevant to the actual fact that it is a f2p game, Infinite is not.

There is a $60 campaign, the BP, and future DLC that will be sold. All of that is proof that Infinite is not a f2p game and never will be.


Uhhh… no, people are upset because 343i said one thing and then what we got was nothing like what was expected.

Just excluding the coatings entirely from this discussion (also barring the fact that teams are no longer forced into the colors red and blue) we were told across multiple post that:

We would have "tons of customization items through things like campaign, challenges, SKILL, special events, legacy rewards, and more."
Allow player expression! Give the player options!

This game does not posses that, the potential is there, don’t get me wrong, but there is very little that’s actually worth earning, if it’s even earnable.
This paired with the fact that the store is atrocious regarding BOTH what it is selling and the prices of said items, case in point, why are shoulder pieces and kneepads being sold in $5 bundles? Visors alone are $7, probably only that high becuase they fill it with a bunch of (IMO) awful emblems to rake up the price.

Armors that were previously free and labeled as “common” in prior games, are now $20 and legendary for no discernable reason. This on it’s own wouldn’t be an issue, but most of the game cosmetics are paywalled, not earnable, unlockable, or even deserving of being a store item.

Many games do perfectly fine without frequent updates and free content, it’s almost like, if you make the game good to begin with, people will stick around and play it and put money into it.

Considering this is strictly the MP segment that’s free, what’s wrong with asking the MK. VII core armors to be unlockable and then just have future cores paywalled?
Also considering that this is a HALO game, having ANY selection of armor to earn would be nice, aside from the awful capstones, and time gated Yaroi fracture.

Most of those games also have a way (albeit time consuming) to earn those armors! Apex legends has shards! Warframe allows you to sell items to get the premium currency. Vigor just gradually gives you premium currency over time and then some with select challenges, Halo does not do that, which is ANOTHER reason people give it so much flak, there is not alternative, it’s an all or nothing deal.

Believe it or not, player personalization is part of Halo games, it’s now a fundamental part of what makes Halo, Halo, if 90% of the cosmetic items are paywalled, there goes a large portion of your “free” game, something that used to be included for free (at least in the sense when you bought a $60 game, you got the whole game.)

I can’t help but feel like you are missing all - if not most - of the context of everyone’s dismay with this game.

Just because 343i CAN charge money for basic colors, doesn’t mean that just becuase it’s a F2P game, that they SHOULD.

Sorry for the long post.


@Paragon_Fury, if you’re going to make wildly controversial claims of this nature, it is probably a good idea to provide at least ten ‘recent’ ‘sources/links’ to threads from this forum (which should be easy to do if it is the majority of complaints ‘as you say’) as examples that back up your assertions. Otherwise, you might damage your own credibility in the eyes of fellow forumgoers (which leads to people taking everything you say going foward with a grain of salt).


At the very least a PAID player should be given some level of respect and of value to previous titles, but purchasing the campaign for $60 brings a massive net negative in comparison to previous titles.

Its disrespectful to fans to tell them they need to be honored for the opportunity to experience less content for paying the $60, and be granted the chance to pay them even more money for what is available from previous titles for tens of amounts less in cost.


Whats that new gameplay content? Content that was already promised, but not delivered? Reused content from old games?

I dont see how F2P makes throttling reused content from old games acceptable. You could play all the content regularly in the older games, except for the weekly rotations. This just seems to be an excuse to allow the release of a half baked game.


I’m still looking for infection, actions sack, grifball, and who knows how many more modes they neglected to implement.


People were upset 343 didn’t follow through with their promises. Period.

Every single point in your post is dead wrong. 343 knowing charged for the most beloved aspect of the multiplayer and expect us to be okay with it.

Nah, chief. How about we don’t recharge for 10 year old cosmetics?


@l_HyperLethal_l, you mean to tell me you ‘DON’T’ like having to pay $8.00 for the color blue? What are you, entitled? /s


FTB means more players, more updates, better decorations and better servers, but unfortunately that’s not necessarily the case in 343i, which is why players are angry.
It’s funny that they take away the classic $60 experience, but use same low efficient semi-finished game tries to take more money from us.
FTB does not mean that you can make money with semi-finished products, on the contrary, it means that you have to compete with stronger competitors Like the Fortnite WarZone apex.
Obviously, 343 didn’t make it, but it brought halo down to compete with 2042.

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Next person who says “F2P models should be like this” is completely wrong.

Ever heard of one of the biggest F2P games in the world. It’s called Warframe. You can get every single item in that game bar like a very small amount of items FOR FREE. You can earn the premium currency FOR FREE. You can get the fancy deluxe skins FOR FREE. You can unlock content within the game FOR FREE. F2P is not an excuse to deprave players of content and customization. Funniest thing is Warframe is developed by DE that weren’t a big or huge company when Warframe first launched. But you know the one thing they never did? Get money hungry. Sure you can buy the money bundles like you can in any other game but never once do you need to buy it. This F2P model is horrendous. When I started playing I expected to be able to make my Spartan and my guns unique and feel like mine. But without spending money there is quite literally no way to do that. Yes there is the bare minimum of ‘free’ unlocks but they will never make you feel unique because the customization is so limited and tiny that you will look like 500 other players.

So yes there is hate and anger. But I think after the past 5 years of gaming Dev’s would have realised when it came to one of the most beloved franchises in the world where the base formula was already great and didn’t need changing. They instead changed the base formula and changed one of the features that made Halo, HALO. So if anything the anger is justified. If there is a group of extremely toxic individuals who are going way too far they don’t deserve a voice.


Because they seem to have taken on every criticism of Halo 5, except that it should have shipped with Forge, Custom Browser and Firefight. Plus the Warehouse maps.

I completely assumed that, they’ve had six years, they’ll have more than enough time to get that stuff in. Was a disaster last time around. That they would port most of the work they had already done on Halo 5 and focus on content, gameplay refinement etc. They already had a skeleton. But they didn’t. Was that by choice? Perhaps not, but it’s definitely hurt the game.

  • Desync
  • Lag
  • High ping match
  • Problem with hit registration
  • Issues with csr not earned after winning a match (rank unavailable message)
  • Wall hacks / aimbot cheating
  • missing gamemode from past halo titles

I dont think that F2P means that we should accept the current state of the MP.

I dont care that its delivered as F2P. I bought all other halo titles and bought also the campaign of halo infinite. They could have sold me the MP separate. I would have bought it. I bought the premium battle pass.
I expect better quality from an AAA title.


I play plenty of F2P games and Infinite is easily the stingiest of them all.
Other games like Apex at least have the courtesy to drip feed you currency.


I’d say you’re overstating the amount of people who want everything for free.
A lot of people here just don’t like items being overpriced, would like to have more choice in what they buy, and would like to have some worthwhile things be unlocked through skill and time.

Most free-to-play games don’t have much free content (like maps) released very quickly despite charging so much, and with Infinite, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the new content ends up being Forge maps, but if that’s how Infinite’s going to be, what’s the point?

It might keep the player base together and support dedicated servers, but at what cost?
If we’re going to get the usual content over years (co-op, Forge, Firefight, etc.), few new maps not made in Forge, and overpriced cosmetics, was it worth the unity and servers?

This is just wrong.
Not only did you say that colors were meaningless, yet say they had value in FFA and Firefight right after, undermining your point, but if colors were simple enough to add without cost because they were “meaningless” (they’re simple enough to add), then they still shouldn’t cost anything just because they now have “meaning”.

I think it’s not the case for a lot of free-to-play games.
Free-to-play is a good idea that works for the players and the developers, in theory.
However, in practice, it’s a sham to get a lot of money for relatively little, more often than not.


If free to play means a unfished piece of crap barley held together by duct tape game…


Assault (which griffball is built off of.)

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Nobody expected to be given everything for free.
The issue is a barebones release, extremely slow earning of new content to utilise in customization and in some parts butchered mechanics / features only to sell stuff back ( Armor Coats not color customizable, Emblems being what they are ).
Then of course one means to unlock new stuff is severely hampering the experience, and often the unlocks are underwhelming. Not to talk about the challenges themselves and the selling of swaps. Create a problem and sell a solution.

But we don’t get everything.
Customization is part of the experience and it’s been heavily monetized and chopped up to sell back in pieces.

Any issues with that had unused workarounds.
And how is this what we’ve gotten any better.
Basically ignoring everything other than the gameplay:
Challenges used to unlock a single thing alter and deform player in-game behaviour to the point where it’s affecting match outcomes.
You may get stuck with challenges you don’t want to do or feel will impact your capability of completing them in time, and that’s what swaps are for. You can get them in the Pass, but that require you to complete challenges if you don’t have any and are stuck, or buy them for real money ( F2P aspect ).
Additionally, I’d argue that some want the free item for completing all challenges, which lends to players chasing challenges.
Not to mention, completing challenges in and of itself feels rewarding and thus doing them feels better than playing to win.

So, what you’re saying is that a move to F2P led to a worse quality product with less content which is sold back to players optionally, and for the starting price of the mentioned games you get barely anything resembling what those games used to be, as well as having to wait a long time to get back what they had, after paying?

Seems more to me like you don’t really understand what people aren’t happy about.

Nice edit.
Doesn’t matter though.
First of all, you’re still green in Campaign, and, the outline system is completely unrelated to color choice. You could take any previous Halo and apply the exact same feature, outlines, and it would not in any way impact the color of your choice.
Furthermore, i343 could’ve sold patterns and let us customize the colors on them. Instead of locking everything and then go “player expression is important to us” and “player first”.

My own edit:
How about we look at the battlepass?
I have no recollection of i343 mentioning there being a paid for section in the first Battlepass, which is “free”. And if it’s true, was initially 120 levels with far more old content.

Now, if this is what a free battlepass looks like, barely any permanent items and a 10$ tier to unlock the second row as well as getting to track a whooping “one additional challenge” ( another problem they created and sell barely half a solution for ). Then what’s the next BP going to look like?

If this one is free, the next one is going to be locked for everyone if you don’t pay up, and there’s most likely going to be a “premium” tier for that one as well, so you may as well pay double. Because I don’t see them having developed this system for a “one off” thing.