Cant grab this prefab!!

So me and my friend were making this one map and we decided to use prefabs for the buildings (because we’re lazy) when I stumbled upon a halo reach falcon prefab. I spawned it, of course, because falcons are cool but it immediately started lagging the game. So I did what any smart person would do and I started flying it. After 5 seconds of awesome flight, the wasp (parent object) blew up with me in it… I died. All of the pieces flew into the water during said explosion. We tried respawning all objects and only a turret respawned. I did what any smart person would do (again) and I deleted it. We tried respawning all objects again to make sure it was all gone but the turret came back and this time we couldnt select it. We panicked then, we restarted the game. When we spawned in, it was super laggy and all the falcon prefab parts were scattered on the ground. (Including the wasp and turrets) We tried loading a different map then coming back but nothing changed and still none of the prefab objects were selectable. We can get in the wasp and shoot it but it wont fly anywhere.

Also, we tried spawning other blocks and grouping them together but it didnt work and we dont want to lock everything and “Delete all unlocked” because we already have about 1500 objects on the map.

Sorry for the 5 paragraph essay, I just wanted you to know all the details. Please help :slight_smile: ;(

Wow I would really hate to be the owner of that forge map.