Can't get turrets to spawn in Infection game

I recently made a map and an Infection game remake from one in Halo 3, and the original map had 3 turrets in it. But, to my dismay, I can not seem to get the turrets to spawn at all, no matter what I try.

I’ve already tried looking it up but can’t find any specifics that help me out. I’ve set the turrets to game type specific. I also know that there is a seciton in the game options to allow turrets, but the only options I get are map default or none, but Forge World doesn’t have any turrets on map default…

Anyone have any ideas as to what I’m missing?

Did you have the gametype set to Infection when you set the turrets to spawn in forge?

Oh, maybe that’s the problem. I set it to infection at one point to create the gametype, but otherwise I’ve always had it on basic editing…

Turrets are considered vehicles, so you have to change the “vehicles on map” setting, which if I remember correctly is set to none by default for infection games. You will also might have to change vehicle use in the player movement settings to be able to use it. (and make sure the zombies can’t)

Yeah I already had activated vehicles for the map cause that’s what I heard. But I do need to double check that zombies can’t use them now that you mention it.

But I managed to get the turrets to spawn. Turns out it was exactly what comedyshermit said. I always set the forge to basic editing instead of the infection game type, so I hadn’t properly set their game specific spawn.

Thanks for the help guys.