Can't get Spartan Audio Logs

Spartan Audio Log - Evacuation 05 - Overwatch. I completed the game, and I am going back to get all logs There is a few spartan audio logs that will not let me pick up.

Just wait like 2-3 more years before you even play campaign since it has so many bugs. I cant get achievements to pop up and missions to register that I’m completing them on a harder difficulty.

I had this problem too. I ended up going through all the Spartan audio logs and found out I got it from a different spot. Just look up where all of them are and go through them one at a time till you find the ones that do allow you to pick them up.

The problem is that when you pick an Audio Log up, they play in sequence, not position. So if you picked up the log that was listed as the last log in a sequence (based on someones map), but it’s the first time you have picked up any of the series of logs, you don’t hear the last log, you hear and find the first log.

So what you need to do is to go in and find all the logs for a particular sequence of them. It could be the first one, it might be the last one you find.

And it’s weird the way that works, but it sort of makes sense. They are telling a story through the logs, so they want the logs to play in the correct order when you pick them up.


Thanks. This makes sense

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Some are based on position,Spartan logs are not.