Can't get Scattered 10 - Message in a Bottle

I can’t seem to be able to unlock Message in a Bottle. I’ve gone to both locations people keep saying it’s at, southeast of FOB Kilo in a hole in the wall and northwest of FOB Juliet but I’ve already recovered both of these as the datapads are dark and aren’t emitting a bleeping sound indicating I’ve already gotten them but I still don’t have the Scattered 10 log. It’s literally the last log I have to get but it won’t unlock? I have collected ALL the other audio logs so I should be able to recover it right? So why aren’t either of these datapads active for me to get the log?

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The one I missed is at the very northern border of the region at the top of a mountain. It almost looks like it’s part of the AA gun section.

This is the only missing log on this island and Message in a Bottle is consistantly on this island, not the one with the AA turrets. I’ve already gotten ALL other audio logs, I literally just need this one.

They unlock in the order you collect them in. So you’ll have to go through all 10 spawn locations to see which you missed.

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I have gone through all the different unlock locations for the Scattered logs. I already collected all the datapads for it.

I mean clearly you didn’t. But that’s okay, I had to go through the same exact thing to find the one I was missing.

I have been spending my entire afternoon going through each and every one of them over 4 or 5 times. And going to any others that could possibly be the final datapad. I have checked all of them.

No, you misunderstand. It’s not on the AA turret section, but just south of it on top of a huge mountain. Did you check that one? I thought I was going crazy trying to find the last scattered and it was that one.

Ho-ly yoinkbucket!.. I’m sorry for doubting you! Nowhere I looked said or showed anything about a datapad being up there! Thank you Bergs!

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mine on top of the mountain acts like ive already collected it and ive been doing them in order