Cant get pat start screen

I have uninstalled and re installed twice now and still I have the same problem. I wait until its fully finished installing and I start the game. when I get to the start screen it tells me to “press menu button” I do and the text and spinning circles disappear but the background stays in motion and sound still plays. then it just loops there. I even let it sit there for about 45 minutes. Can I get some help been waiting a long time for this game and I ant even play it. I started all this 17 hours ago.

Have you tried hard booting the xbox? Hold the power button until it completely shuts off and then turning it back on?

nvm Fixed it might want to patch it but for now just need to unplug the console

yeah I tried that multiple times before i just tried unpluging
been at work for about 10 hours a little exaggerated but I wanted to get my point across