Cant get out of the Seeting and Spell problems

Hey there,

im testing MCC on Pc Right now and i wanna report some Bugs. The First is, when you seet your Mouse Speed to enother high you CANT get out of the Seetings screen than you are somhow stuck in the seeting, only alt f4 is the wa out. Or when you in Game and do that you are stuck too.

And im playing on the german Versoin of the game and there are some weird stuff like that: $hr_grav_TU_Multi_Flag_CTF_desc

If you haven’t already, please check the known issues list on the support site in case this is a bug that the devs are aware of.
If it isn’t, submit a ticket detailing the issue - this is the best way to bring it to their attention.

As above ^
Please use the support site to report bugs, they shouldn’t be posted on Waypoint.