Can't get my head around it..!

Such an amazing concept of a game but a few niggles. Team balancing… what a load of crap! Often splits teams 5/3 instead of 4/4 in halo 3 playlist… when you win a streak of games by a comfortable margin with a positive kd suddenly you find yourself repeatedly stuck on teams of complete noobs and matched against equally skilled people to yourself to which your team quits cos they can’t handle it… I like a balanced game… not a streak of easy wins flowed by a what’s the point in trying to play it’s only one outcome possible I stand on the fence I don’t want to have either the upper hand or disadvantage just a normal game of pot luck…!

Added to that… mostly halo 2 anniversary / 4 based there’s even more halo 2 than 3 … atleast get a blanace of gametypes across all platforms! Always loved the halo franchise but ever since reach… it’s drastically gone alone the route of other games instead of being it’s own brand. Shame really

Don’t forget the -Yoinking!- limited 3 choices of Stonetown.

yes more ranked playlist.