Can't get into Forerunner Saga. Am I missing out?

Is there anyone else here that can’t stand reading through Greg Bears books? I’ve read Cryptum and jesus I had to slog through that, then I tried to listen to the Primordium audio book and it just doesn’t interest me. It’s more-so about the way the books are written that bothers me. I’ve read Halo Novel’s before (all of Eric Nyland’s stuff it great) and I’m just now beginning to read The Kilo-5 Trilogy before playing Halo 4 (yes I’m a bit behind) which is written fantastically by the way, it really sucks me in.

But I go back and try to pick up the forerunner Saga and I just lose interest. Is there anything Major that I’m missing out on by not reading those books? You can spoil the Forerunner saga because I can’t be bothered reading it, just try to steer clear of Halo 4 spoilers :).

Quite a lot. I’ll summarize what you’re missing out on.

  • The Forerunners Saga has strong ties to the main antagonist of Halo 4 as well as his motives and backstory. The game only scratches the surface in comparison.
  • Goes into detail about the Forerunner’s plans for humanity.
  • It reveals the true nature of Forerunner society and their reach over the galaxy.
  • It goes into depth on human origins.
  • Reveals the true nature of the Flood and the Precursors.
  • It reveals where 343 Guilty Spark came from.

There’s a lot of things you’re missing out on if you ignore the Forerunner Saga. Personally, I’d at least try to catch up with the lore on Halopedia if you can’t read it. It’s one of the most important set of Halo novels since Halo: The Fall of Reach.

While I wouldn’t say it’s essential for understanding Halo 4, it does flesh it out significantly and offers a lot of interesting context. It greatly improve the experience.

hmmm that’s what I was afraid of… I don’t want my Halo 4 experience to be lessened by not reading the books. I’ve skimmed through the Halopedia pages and from my understanding (Some of these are guess’s); Either the IsoDidact or UrDidact is the main Bad guy in Halo 4. Forerunners plan for Humans to inherit the Mantle and sacrifice themselves to keep the Flood at-bay? The Flood is a twisted mutation of the Precursors? And Chaka’s becomes 343 Guilty spark through the use of something called a Composer?

Yeah I’m not sure… I Might go back and listen to the audio books whilst I’m reading through Kilo-5, the books just aren’t my style though.

I don’t blame you for not getting sucked in, they are on the hard sci-fi side. Still, I’m used to that kind of work and I love them. Ironically, I hated the Kilo-5 books, which have good writing but a story that has too many problems with the lore.

I’m almost finished reading cryptum at the moment, it’s my first halo book so I have nothing else I can compare it too but I haven’t been able to put it down :slight_smile:

I generally enjoyed the books, although I do understand how you’re having trouble with Primordium. I liked Cryptum and loved Silentium, but I won’t lie: that book is kinda boring. It’s mostly just Chakas and two other humans wandering around Instillation 07 and being really hungry.
The end is fairly dramatic, however, and has a lot of ‘wow’ moments and big reveals. It’s up to you if that’s worth it, however; If you don’t like Greg Bear’s writing, you might be better off just reading the summary somewhere and going straight to Silentium. That book really helps with Halo 4, and has a very, very big amount of information in it.
While I haven’t read them, I’ve heard that the Kilo-5 books aren’t particularly amazing (at least in terms of lore and continuity).

Primordium is easily the slowest, with Silentium being the best of the bunch bar none. It’s understandable you have difficulty getting through them; they are a very different kind of novel from the other Halo books.

Crpytum starts off slow, but was an incredible read for me. Primordium was a slog and is by far my least favorite book, and Silentium was phenomenal. they are definitely harder reads but you’ll be missing out on a lot if you skip them.

I felt like Cryptum was really slow for like the first two thirds, even though I liked the presentation of so many new ideas to the Halo universe. However, after getting hooked, I enjoyed the rest of the book and had no such problems with Primordium and Silentium. Loved it.

I had the same issue but I pushed through. Silentium really sucks you in, whereas Primordium and Cryptum are very slow. I’d encourage you to try to read Silentium but it might be a hit or miss for you.

Thank-you all for your honest opinions on the series. i too was on the fence.