Can't get a game in the UK

11 am on a Saturday morning UK time and can’t get an arena game at all.whats going on?

Sleepytime in America and European players leaving Halo in their droves because of constant placing in US servers. Started off as a trickle and is now snowballing.

Its a shame, because when it works, its an awesome game. Getting harder and harder to have fun.

Hopefully the Christmas effect, a good forge, more dlc and a fix to regional matchmaking will reinvigorate the European population. Fingers crossed.

Man that’s sad.

Can’t get a game on swat at all.there has to be players out there trying to get in to games

I live in Brazil and here is the same: Since I got ranked in BTB and Swat, I can’t find any match! Warzone either. I only find arena matches and it’s reeeally difficult, cause takes me a long time. It could be a great multiplayer, but first I have to be able to play, not just spend my time “finding spartans”.

I hope Halo 6, in some years, could be much better than this 5

I’m new to the game and quite like it.This needs fixed though asap,if there are players wanting to play I don’t see that it can be that difficult to match them