In northern ireland (some uk)
The issues we are having is unreal.i have other posts on these issue. New issue to day is i cant even forge now . Some times i can get in to 343 maps & other times it says
(Unable to retrieve data
Please ensure your privacy settings allow you to view content from other players)
Beleave me my setting are set up 100% ok.
As this msg appears 90% Of the time now since saturday nite.when i go to bookmarks and my files it says retrieving data and this goes on for ever! I can not get into my maps or others. I cannot even set up games in custom my attempt to host lobbies is gone .as i was starting to host as we cant play games in nothern ireland before 6-10pm as the january update messed up been able to play when we wanted. On sat nite i had to get a guy to do all the team leader work and gdt my maps .this is unfair.
Please fix all these issues.yet again not impressed.its getting worse all im seeing is more games and items added to forge but im stucked not been able to do anything 90% off the time.unless im in a lobby im screwed.but just been a average player this can be hard me to even be in a been nice this post.but please sort your selves out 343.

I’ve had similar issues in the US. Customization screens display the privacy settings message, REQ system it’s completely down, if I can get to the armor screen… ALL of the armor icons are blank, after leaving every game I get the retrieving data message, and before games all the player icons are white. Wtfmate This game is trash. Complications unresolved since day one, horrible community communication, micro transactions, doesn’t even feel like Halo. I are sad. If anyone finds a work around, message me. I’ve tried clearing cache, hard reset, uninstalling and reinstalling, and saved data clear… Nothing works.

Good but bad.
It not just a issue in my country.when new game types come out i can play them anytime off the night or day.but seriously im not a big fan off griff ball.i would go as far as saying yes this does not feel like halo attall and im now a crap player as when i do get the chance to not in my top form off playing as everyone who is on seems to be getting better as they get the chance to learn the skills.i was not to bad at the start.but 343 have destroyed the game play off this game.forced to play at a peak time.what a joke! we should have to hard reset and find ways round your mistakes.i now have found out after 10ish my party chat now plays roll on with the issues.

Has anyone found a fix for this yet please let me know if you have