Cant find Warzone matches

Since yesterday im not finding warzone matches. The search always time out. Im searching on my own, and with few other people. The only 2 matches that i found were always in Progress. So people are playing warzone, but cant find matches?

Im finding very fast Super Fiesta, Showdown, Firefight and othe matches. But no warzone matches?
Is something going on with the warzone playlist? Do you have also such issues?

Currently its my 3rd warzone search in a row that timed out.

24 hours later im finding again very fast warzone matches. Dont know why it works now again, but im happy.

Feel free to lock this thread.

Usually it’s just a weekday thing, if you want the fastest found matches just go search on expanded. Most people are busy on weekdays, but on weekends you can just play on the search preference you like.

jeez,i wish i could find games right away. waiting 30 minutes to enter the ride of halo 5 is not the biz…

between 18:00 and 24:00 every playlist is more populated

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